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Let me say, from a Win7 user perspective, OC2 looks quite innovative and smart. Kudos for the work!

What seems to be missing yet is network support? I'm reviewing portable ( on Win7-x64.

If that's the case, when do you plan to implement it? That's a showstopper feature to me, unfortunately.

EDIT: Ok, now I see that manually typing //<computer_name> and then favoriting seems the way to go. Was expecting a "network" link already in favorites, like in Explorer.

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Re: Network?
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It does work with network computers, but it does not search for computers. If you press "\" and enter address as \\compname (or ip) it will list the shares and you can work with network files as with local. Or you can permanently mount shares as new drive letter, but I prefer accessing them as \\compname and add them to a favorite group
There are a few issues still:
-Explorer has to have password saved for that share, as OC currently doesn't prompt for passwords, but it will access them if explorer can access them
-Also, some remote computers will not report changes in filesystem, so on my home NAS I have to F5 refresh the directory content after moving something to see changes. I am not sure yet what the reason is but windows API for doing that does not work, and manually listing dir content is not something that will work well. That happens to me only on that one NAS; work and other networks had no issues
-If you close OC while it is showing network dir content, on next start it will show splash screen for longer time until it lists the content of that directory.

All Microsoft's APIs for working with network files are very old and do not work well, like that one for monitoring dir changes, discovering computers on local network, and APIs whick lock program thread until network responds. I have a lot of network related features and improvements on my todo list, but some without proper APIs will take longer.

Re: Network?
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Thanks for the detailed response. Much appreciated!  :)