Opening Multiple Images at a time
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First of all thank you so much for this nice explorer. I find it really usefull. And it has a lot of features that are super cool.

I love the general customization of the software and it makes the usage really confortable. I've been using it for 1 month, and it feels great.

There are two things that are problematic for me.

1- Having the possibility to change the thumbnail size would be awesome. I work with a lot of photos and sometimes, this size of thumbnails is to small for me to see the level details that I need. I saw that it was already proposed by an other users, so i'm waiting for the feature ! :)

2 - I dont know if its actually a bug or something that its not developed yet. When I double click a photo, the photo is opened into the "Photo" app of windows 10. But I dont have the possibility to scroll inside the app into the folder. So if I want to see the next photos I have to close the application ("Photos") and double click on the next photo.

Is it a bug or not ?

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Re: Opening Multiple Images at a time
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Thanks for the feedback Antoine!
At this time changing thumbnail size is not planned. That would require dynamic layout and the framework would take a huge performance hit. The thumbnails are intended here just to find a file easier, but it would be hard to match capabilities of dedicated programs for browsing photos.
I am not sure if I understand the second problem. On double-click the default program for that file type is opened and focused. What happens afterwards One Commander can not influence in any way. The only interaction with other programs OC can have is instruct them to open a file. If you need to browse photos without opening a dedicated program try selecting a photo and pressing space bar which opens in-program preview. Then you can press down arrow or up arrow to switch to the next/previous photo. Esc closes that preview, or pressing space bar again.