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BitCommander is a software project with the goal to improve functionality, re-imagine the interface and the whole experience of navigating and manipulating file-system. It features improved Miller Columns system (OSX Finder's column view), intelligent shortening of folder and file-names, relative file dates, batch file processing and much more.

User experience is re-imagined from the ground up. Every element on user interface, whether it is a button, text, line, dot, has the exact reasons why it looks the way it looks, why is it positioned exactly there and not somewhere else, how it works and why it works the way it works.

One of the goals is to make simple interface while setting up clear relationships between interface elements, not hesitating to make something completely opposite to current practices as long as the number of pros outweighs number of cons.

BitCommander is your next file manager

Author: Milos Paripovic

Disclaimer: This page has no relation to Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft or other companies or brand names which might appear as folder or filenames in video or images. All software is legally obtained.
Disclaimer 2: bitCommander has no relation to bit-torrents or bit-coins.

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Understandable folder structure

Folder structure is presented as a system of nested tabs on different levels to make folder hierarchy clearly visible.

Always look at the same area

Clicking on a folder reveals its child-folders by sliding all ancestor folder-levels to the left. This way you always look at the same area until you find the desired folder.

Touchscreen friendly

If you use touchscreen, you won't even need to move the hand while navigating.

Intelligent use of screen space

All folder-levels are resized to fit available space. If you have small screen and folder-levels become too narrow, hover one to expand

This way you can always return to the parent folder or any of the ancestor-folders without scrolling horizontally (as in OSX Finder) or finding your way through folder tree view (as on Windows Explorer).

Less clicking, less scrolling, easier navigation

Smart folder-names

If a folder-name does not fit panel width, it is intelligently shortened so you can still recognize it.

For example, folder name
"Adobe Media Encoder CS6" will become
"Adobe Media Enc..CS6" instead of
"Adobe Me...coder CS6" (OSX Finder) or
"Adobe Media Encod..." (Windows Explorer) which would be inconvenient in case of having multiple versions within the same folder.

Human-friendly filenames
  • Filenames are shown without special characters
  • Merged words are separated to improve readability
  • Numbers are thicker so you can find the revision you want faster
Intelligent filename shortening

Filenames are intelligently shortened to fit available space while keeping them recognizable.

This means that numbers in filenames will not be shortening collateral as in other file managers.

Relative file dates

Instead of using absolute dates like other file managers, BitCommander shows relative dates.

Now you don't have to check the current date and do the math to find out when the file was modified.

  • If a file was modified today you will see how many hours and minutes ago you did it.
  • If you modified it less than two months ago, you will see how many days passed.
  • Up to a year ago, you will see file age in number of months.

Color coding of the file age makes it even easier to find what you are looking for. The older the file, the colder the color.

Thumbs and details in the same view

In this special view mode, image and video files are displayed as thumbnails while all other files are listed with details.

This saves the space while still providing all the relevant information on files

Fitting thumbnails

To make most use of the space, all thumbnails have fixed height while their width is proportionally resized.

That is perfect for folders containing pictures with varying aspect ratios, even ones mixing portrait oriented images and wide panoramas.

Compare here image representation between BitCommander and Windows Explorer or OSX Finder
(same folder, approximate window size and zoomed to fit same number of images)

Click to enlarge!

Quick filtering

Pressing a keyboard letter anytime filters the current list of files and folders.

Press * or Backspace to clear the filter

"To Do" tasks in any folder

Easily create "To Do" tasks in any folder.

These are basically text files with custom extension which program recognizes and styles differently.
Instead of file icon there is a checkbox for a quick interaction with "To Do" files".
First X characters of the task text is the filename while the rest is in the file. Program displays text from the file and not the filename, so you can include any special characters.

Use special "To Do" folder (under list of drives) to organize yourself.
If you point it to a folder in the Dropbox, you will have it synchronized across all your computers.

File-browser tabs

Open multiple tabs within the same window and easily switch between them.

List of recently opened folders is accessible from any tab.

Context sensitive buttons

All buttons are context sensitive which means that each button is visible only if its clickable. Selecting a file or folder enables appropriate buttons.

Dark-blue buttons with white text modify selection, while light-blue buttons perform general actions.

Smart Drag&Drop

As you start dragging selected files you see only areas where you can drop your files.

Drop them to a folder, folder-panel, drive, another tab or Temp list.

Holding CTRL copies files; otherwise files are moved.

Smarter clipboard (Temp list)

Collect all files you need in a Temp list before moving or copying.

Put files from multiple folders in the Temp list and copy all at once.

Easy sorting to multiple destinations

Have a quick access to recent copy/move destinations.

Batch operations

Batch worker is a module for sequential copying and moving. Since it processes files one-by-one it makes the copying faster. It does not interrupt for errors, but lets you to decide about those at later time.

Batch worker is also useful for maintaining multiple backups since you can save the whole list and run it at different times. You can even export the list as windows batch file and make it execute every time you log off your computer even without bitCommander installed.


Mockup 1 (Not implemented yet)

In the world of two-pane file mangers we need more to compete.

You knew it is possible to have multiple tabs but did you think about how you would be able to see tabs content without switching active tab... or even manipulate files within those tabs?

Clicking on Tab Expander (see image) will reveal content of those folders under each of tabs. You can drag&drop files between tabs, open file or open explorer shell. Clicking tab title opens that folder in the browser above. Resize tab area to see more files.


Mockup 2 (Not implemented yet)

As system administrator I often had to open command line in navigated folder and I thought it would be useful to integrate it into file manager. With Sync Folder checked, navigating to different folder in browser would also change current folder in docked CMD window.

Start typing command and drop one or multiple files into command line.

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